It was established in Tanzania in 2004 to train candidates in aviation and business-related programs. We have developed competent based basic certificate and diploma programs in aviation and business subjects that encompass technical and operational aspects of air transport


Regional Aviation College (RAC) aspires at providing candidates with world-class knowledge and experience necessary for achieving personal and career success in aviation and other areas of interest.


RAC is committed to equality of opportunities in education, training, and employment. This commitment applies to all, regardless of gender, age, nationality, race, marital status, or disability. The College seeks to maintain high academic environment for men and women who represent differences in viewpoints, cultures, races, and gender, and embraces good ideas and achievements produced by that diversity.


We have developed programs and services that build on the candidate’s education, knowledge, and experience aiming at helping them towards their next stage in life. We have developed learning programs, facilities, and support services that build on students’ existing skills, knowledge, and experience. We aim to prepare them for the best future.


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Aviation Courses

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Business Courses

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Teaching Facilities

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