Professional Certificate in Clearing and Freight Forwarding

1. Course objectives

To provide students with knowledge and skills on ways to manage and handle incoming and outgoing consignments.

2. Course duration

The course will consist of 6 month of classroom work.


3. Course Content:

  1. Introduction to Shipping
  2. Clearing and Forwarding Terminology
  3. The Freight Forwarding Business
  4. Transport Modes
  5. Shipping Role Players
  6. Vessel and Cargo Types
  7. Goods Classification and Duties
  8. International Customs and Shipping Documents
  9. International Trade Law and Sales Contracts
  10. Incoterms
  11. International Payments
  12. Forwarding Operations
  13. Office Practice
  14. Clearing & Forwarding
  15. Customs Declaration
  16. Cargo Storage &Containerizing
  17. Dissertation Shipping Practice
  18. Economics of Sea Transport & International Trade
  19. Marine Insurance & Law


4. Recommended candidates

Form IV leavers with at least three credit passes one of which should be English Form VI leavers with at least one principal pass

5. Awards

  1. A college certificate
  2. JP International Diploma

6. Career prospects

Career opportunities for successful graduates of this course exist in Clearing and Forwarding companies, Ground handling companies, Sea Ports, Transport vessels operators.

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