Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)

1. Course objectives

The program objective is to develop human resources for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering at international standard to meet the industrial demand nationally and regionally.

The program entails in depth knowledge and hand-on experience on aircraft, engines and operating systems.

The program follows the International Civil Aviation Organization - (ICAO) framework and recommended practices regulated by the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) and falls in line with the curriculum of NACTE.

2. Course duration

Basic Certificate: 1 year Full
Certificate:        2 years
Diploma:           3 years
On Job Training: 8 weeks for each level


3. Course Content:

A. Fundamental modules

  1. Fundamentals related to aviation sciences
  2. Shop fundamentals and practices
  3. Fundamentals of electricity, electronics and digital technology
  4. Use of tools, machines and equipment
  5. Aviation regulations
  6. Human performance
  7. Aircraft design and construction
  8. Power plants design and construction
  9. Communication.
  10. Entrepreneurship

B. Core Modules

  1. Materials, hardware and processes
  2. Aircraft structure
  3. Aircraft landing gears and retraction system
  4. Aircraft flight controls and system
  5. Aircraft fuel system
  6. Aircraft power – electrical hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  7. Aircraft Environmental systems- air condition, pressurization and oxygen.
  8. Aircraft protection systems- Fire, Ice and
  9. Aircraft and power plant instrumentation
  10. Aircraft safety and emergency equipment and systems
  11. Aircraft navigation and communication equipment
  12. Aircraft equipment
  13. Power plant -piston
  14. Power plant- turbine
  15. Engine air induction, fuel and control system
  16. Engine Ignition and starting system
  17. Aircraft propellers
  18. Ground handling procedures and support equipment

C. Shop Projects Work

 Practical projects in applicable shops and items of equipment, is an essential part of the programmer, allowing a student to develop his/her practical skills in applications.

D.  Applied practical maintenance

Applied practical maintenance is On Job Training -OJT on flyable aircraft, engines, systems and items of equipment.

4. Recommended candidates

Direct entrants

  1. Advanced level Certificate of Education with a principal pass in any science subjects
  2. Ordinary certificate with at least two credit passes in science subjects.
  3. Must be able to communicate in spoken and written English

Industrial candidates

  1. Certificate of Education
  2. Job resume

 International candidates: subject to equivalence verification by NECTA

5. Awards

  1. College certificate
  2. JP International Diploma c) TCCA License

6. Career prospects

The aviation sector is fast growing; this provides career opportunities for qualified candidates

  1. Airlines.
  2. Air Operators.
  3. Approved Maintenance Organizations AMO.

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