To provide students with adequate knowledge to be able to dispatch an aircraft in accordance with internationally accepted aviation standards and procedures as established by ICAO / CAA.

Duration    - 6 Months class work

- 3 Months Attachment

Course Objectives:

  1. Be able to load an aircraft to within its balanced CG limits
  2. Interpret weather maps and any weather information for safe navigation
  3. Apply the Tanzanian Air law in safe operation of aircraft
  4. Be able to understand how dangerous goods are handled
  5. Maintain optimum aircraft performance for maximum profit
  6. Understand and be able to communicate in standard aviation language

Course Contents; -

  1. Aircraft General Knowledge/Aerodynamics
  2. Navigation , Flight Planning / Crew Control
  3. Apron operations
  4. Airline operations
  5. Emergency Planing and Aviation Safety / Security.
  6. Air law and Flight Regulations
  7. Scheduled Performance
  8. Meteorology
  9. Aviation Communication
  10. Weight and Balance
  11. Dangerous goods Handling
  12. Human Factors
  13. Crew Resource Management
  14. ETOPS
  15. Flight monitoring

Recommended Candidates: -

  1. Staff employed by aviation organization with no previous experience in the following disciplines:-
    1. Operations control
    2. Crew scheduling
    3. Mail and cargo services
    4. Load control
    5. Navigation’s and Route planning services
    6. Air traffic control offers
  2. Candidates who have successfully completed Basic Commercial Course in :
    1. passenger and Aircraft Handling
    2. Cargo Services
    3. Load Control
  3. Others

Applicable Fees

Registration fees Tsh. 10,000/=
Tuition fees Tsh.600,000/=
Exam Fees (internal) Tsh. 20,000/=
Students Identity Card                                             Tsh. 5,000/=
External exam fees To be advised
Caution Fees To be advised


Educational tours

  1. Dar Es Salaam International Airport - Tanzania
  2. Kilimanjaro International Airport -Tanzania
  3. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport - Kenya
  4. Wilson Airport, Nairobi – Kenya
  5. Entebbe Airport - Uganda
  6. Meteorological Headquarters
  7. National Parks

Achievement at the end of the course

Institute’s Certificate  
TCAA Licence - Flight Operations Officers Licence


Career prospects

Career opportunities for successful graduates of this course exist in Airlines and Aircraft Ground Handling Agents where they may be employed as Flight Operations Officers or Aircraft operations officers.

The course is conducted to international Airports and Airlines standards through classroom lecturers, demonstration, field attachment and airport visits. Students are encouraged to book and take international examinations so as to be competitive in the aviation job market.

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To provide students with adequate knowledge to be able to dispatch an aircraft in accordance with internationally accepted aviation standards...

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