1. We take candidates who have completed Form IV and/or VI who have done well in the relevant subjects of study.
  2. We also consider those who have hands-on experience in operations and technical areas in the industry.
  3. Candidates have to go through our college assessment test after submitting an application before starting classes.
  4. International students must satisfy the country immigration requirements where if possible we will help.


Candidates will after they have successfully passed their examinations be awarded a College certificate or Diploma which is recognized by TCAA and/or NACTE as well as JP International Examinations, UK. JP International Examination is a UK registered examining body whose qualifications are recognized in many countries in the world including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, UAE, Ireland etc.

A candidate with such certificate can easily obtain employment or further studies in other countries.


We are locally registered with TCAA for aviation courses and NACTE for Business and Technical courses.


We collaborate with VETA – Dar es Salaam RVTSC in practicals classes on the core Technical Courses to tap into their wealth of workshops and other technical resourses. Aircraft Maintenance students will spend time in the VETA workshops doing practicals under supervision of their instructors.


Fees are payable in Tanzania shillings for locals or equivalent in US $ for foreigners. For short courses fees have to be paid in full after registration. For long courses fees are payable at the beginning of the year.


All students must observe the College regulations ALL the time they are in the College premises. Failure to do so will lead to severe reprimand or termination.


It is an offense to submit false information when applying for admission. Applicants who will be discovered to have submitted forged certificates or any other false information will not be considered for admission and appropriate legal action will be taken against them.

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